Q:  What does "C5" mean?  Is this a special type of Corvette?
While every Corvette is special, "C5" is Corvette-speak that means "5th generation Corvette."  All Corvettes, model years 1997 - 2004, are considered fifth generation, or "C5," Corvettes.  Likewise, "C4" would mean 4th generation Corvette, model years 1984 - 1996;  "C3" designates model years 1969 - 1982 (there was no 1983 model year for the Corvette); "C2" refers to model years 1963-1968; and "C1" refers to model years 1953-1962.

Q:  Do I need to have a convertible for the coves to fit, or will they also fit on liftbacks and hardtop C5s?  
C5Coves will transform all style C5 Corvettes, not just convertibles.

Q:  Can I install C5Coves on my 1984 - 1996 "C4" Corvette?
A:  No.  C5 coves are designed specifically to be a bolt-on replacement of the stock "C5" front fenders and door skins, and these parts are not interchangeable with the "C4."

Q:  They make a C5 restyling kit for the C4.  Could I install C5Coves after first installing a C5 restyling kit on my 1984 - 1997 Corvette?
A:  No.  The C5 upgrade kit only looks similar to the C5 -- there are still many differences, including shape and mounting points of the hood, front fenders and door skins.

Q:  Would C5Coves fit on my Firebird or Camaro?
     Uh .  .  .  .  No.

Q:  You used to offer Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW Z3 and Porsche Carrera GT kits?  Do you still sell these kits or know where I can get them?
  No.  We are now committed to creating original designs. 

Q:  Could I install just the fenders but leave the hood and door skins stock?
  Yes, however, there is a remnant line from the stock C5's front fender vent which extends into the door.  This line is lower than the top of the C5Coves fender vent.  Your body shop will need to sand this area on the stock door skin, making it flush the two pieces will work in harmony.  The body shop would normally "blend" paint from the front fender into the door, any way, so this wouldn't create that much additional work.

Q:  Do I have to remove the old door skins to install the C5coves door skins, or do the new door skins cover over the stock?
  The old door skins will need to be completely removed from the door frame so the C5Coves skins may be installed.  Any body shop should be able to perform the conversion.

Q:  What type of finish will these parts have?
A:  The C5Coves front fenders and door skins are made of high quality, hand laid fiberglass, and will arrive with a gray, primer gel coat surface.  You or your body shop will need to fit the parts, block sand them and prime them before painting, which is all standard for fiberglass body parts.

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